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"What is Progress?" was a two day immersive installation created by Carrie Kouts and 1984 Studios' Mat Miller. The installation was created from construction detritus found in Oklahoma City, and installed in one of the many abandoned business warehouses in downtown OKC. These discarded pieces of office buildings, businesses and houses were arranged to create a dynamic built landscape from their colorful cast shadows. Guests were encouraged to sit, stand or walk through the installation as they interacted with the artwork. 

Artist Statement 

Lush gardens of brightly colored wires, forests of rebar and broken concrete, all the reminders that civilization does not care what is left behind as long as we keep progressing. In the ongoing effort to prosper and gain wealth, we consume our natural spaces and leave behind urban ghost towns in our path toward development. 

In this collaborative installation we have constructed the illusion of an urban landscape utilizing cast shadows. Each shadow is created by the discarded remnants of houses, office buildings, and industrial facilities. These found materials have been collected from dumping grounds around Oklahoma City. Gathering sounds of construction, busy streets, and rural areas we auditorily depict the ever-expanding nature of our society. 

Through this installation we explore the question What is Progress, and why do we associate growth with urbanization and expansion?

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