Carrie Kouts was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1995. She received her BFA, with an emphasis in Sculpture, from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2019. Home educated for the duration of her primary and secondary schooling, Kouts was encouraged to heavily pursue her interests in biology and fine art. Her studies of the natural world, particularly it’s flora and fauna, are the primary influence of her artwork. Utilizing found materials from her immediate surroundings such as animal bones, displaced construction soil, seed pods and the remnants  of human consumption, Kouts creates artwork that investigates the connection and collision of mankind and their environment. During her artistic career in OKC she has participated in both public and private gallery openings and shows. Her work has been shown in Momentum OKC, Fresh Paint Performance Lab, and Symbiotic. After witnessing the expansive growth of her city, Kouts’ recent work has creates a dialogue of where the natural landscape ends and the manmade landscape begins. 

As both a sculptor and visual artist, Carrie Kouts creates installations and drawings from a wide variety of mediums. The mediums and materials she utilizes are an integral part of the concepts she explores throughout her work. Furthermore, Kouts' takes into consideration the spaces in which her artworks will exist, and attempts to use materials that either work in harmony or contrast the nature of those spaces. Within her most recent series Kouts has created a large scale installation with recycled building materials and found objects. Bringing sustainable practices into the world of fine art is one of the most important aspect of Kouts' work as a sculptor and visual artist. Each new material brings a new challenge, and different ways to express the way in which she views the world around her.