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Artist Statement

This site-specific sculpture is a wall installation that visually reflects the nature of the space in which it is installed. These accumulations of three dimensional forms are intended to appear as though they organically grew from a manmade structure. This work was heavily informed by the installations of Louise Nevelson, Leonard Drew, and Ted Larson.


These wall hanging sculptures were created with found materials, as well as purposefully cut wood blocks. Each piece interacts through the nature of the close proximity with the others, creating smalls dialogues between the forms. It is this aspect of communication through forms that makes the work one cohesive unit. 


Conceptually, this Site-Specific Sculpture is an abstracted visual representation of the community found within T, an Urban Teahouse. The business’ message of letting people come together as a community through the welcoming environment of a Teahouse, was the main inspiration for this piece. In this work visually plays off of the idea of the constructed becoming the organic, as an allusion to the business message.

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